Hello, I’m Casey

Digital MArketing Consultant

I am a blogger, digital marketing consultant, and indie creator. When I’m not working on my latest solo entrepreneurial venture, I am a freelance content marketing manager for writers, small businesses, and public relations firms. I create eBooks, infographics, articles, and courses.

Work Samples

Current Projects


I run the leading Medium Publication (Medium Blogging Guide) designed to help writers succeed in earning money through the Medium Partner Program. I am always adding new articles to this repository of free information.

I launched the first affordable and up-to-date Medium Course, on October 12, 2020.

I am also the admin of the popular Facebook group, Medium Writing, which is a private discussion group for Medium writers.


I run Blogging Guide, a Substack newsletter dedicated to helping writers monetize their content and better understand the digital publishing landscape. Blogging Guide was recently awarded the Substack Independent Writer Grant. As part of the Blogging Guide newsletter, I am constantly creating new products and tools for our growing community of writers.

I launched the first Substack newsletter course recently.

I run Substack Writing, the leading Medium publication dedicated to providing formatting, design, marketing and earnings tips for Substack writers.

I am the admin of the popular Facebook Group, Substack Writers, which serves as a private discussion community, covering all topics related to Substack.

Blogging Guide Website

I am in the process of building my main website, BloggingGuide.com, which contains a centralized database of blogging platform reviews, free Canva tutorials, and digital marketing guides.

Custom Canva Templates

Canva is a free drag-and-drop graphic design software that can be used by anyone to create stunning designs. Blogging Guide offers a series of custom and editable Canva templates for sale through our affiliated site, Canva Templates.

Gumroad and Etsy Stores

I am always adding new products to my Gumroad and Etsy stores. These products are all digital, and include eBooks, courses, and various templates.

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